Lecture about the crystallisation method for students attending the training course Natural food advisor
Sonnevelt training, Zaltbommel Nl, January 2018

VPRO TEGENLICHT MEET-UP Farmer looking for food flat
Sustainable food production for the future; food flats and urban agriculture.
With local speakers Paul Doesburg Crystal Lab, Jos Hakkennes of Blue Acres and Wereldtuin Verdeliet.
Library Mill (NL), November 2017

Evening Class Warmonderhof About the quest for life forces ...
Thanks to the copper chloride crystallisation method from Paul Doesburgs laboratory, a scientific basis is created under the vague concept of 'vitality'. During the Evening Class Paul will show various examples that show the influence of BD preparations, eurythmy and (milk) processing methods on the life forces of what we eat. You will be amazed! Dronten, Mon 30 October 2017

Workshop Demeter exclusive for organic food retailers.
In collaboration with Petra Essink and Paul Doesburg, Natudis Nederland BV organized a workshop Demeter exclusive for connected organic food retailers. Entrepreneurs have indicated that they need extra support and training in areas such as BD agriculture and Demeter quality.
Natudis Nederland BV. Harderwijk, October 2017

Lecture Biocrystallization: The Triangle Group
International picture forming method meeting
3-5 March.2017 Loheland (D)

Impulse contribution for the winter conference BD association: Life forces and preparations
24 February 2017, Warmonderhof, Dronten

Bookpresentation Full of life. A plea for vital food [in Dutch].
Oranjerie Kraaybekerhof, Driebergen (NL), November 2016

Lecture for the board of the European Federation of Patients' Associations for Anthroposophic Medicine EFPAM.
November 2016.

Lecture as part of the training "Full of life!"(in Dutch)
Kraaybekerhof Academie, Driebergen, NL, May 2016.

Workgroup presentation during the conference 'Man between upper and lower nature'.
Geert Groote College, Amsterdam, April 2016

Oral presentation HRI Rome
2nd International Homeopathy Research Conference, June 5-7 2015, Rome.

Lecture as part of the training "Bursting with life!"(in Dutch)
Kraaybekerhof Academy, Driebergen, NL, March 2015.

Oral Presentation of research results within the project: X-ray detection in the food industry;
determining the effect of X-ray radiation on the germination of cress seeds.
Frankfurt (D), 03.12.2014

Participation in: "De Regio van de Smaak draait door!" (download pdf)
In the context of Venlo, Capital of the Taste 2013, November 2013.

Oral Presentation The biocrystallization method.
Science group AViN
Driebergen, NL, 11-12.01.2013.

Lecture: Bringing life back into our food consiousness, perceiving life-processes by means of the biocrystallization method.
Refresher course VNVK
Driebergen, NL, 10.11.2012.

Interview (in Dutch) 'Chemist between the artists'
Newspaper 'De Limburger', edition March 17, 2012.

Oral Presentation of research results of the effects of cultivation measures on apple quality.
International Fachgruppe Biodyn. Obstbau.
Dottenfelderhof, Bad Vilbel, D, 03.16.2012.

Workshop nutritional quality.
Organic CSA garden 'In het volle leven',
Vortum Mullem, NL, 06.25.2011.

Seminar: Food, glorious food: the authenticity of our food supply.
Poster: Making complexity visible-the biocrystallisation method (download pdf 4Mb)
RIKILT - Institute of Food Safety, part of Wageningen UR, 26.05.2011.

Biovak 2011, Demeter Square.
BD agriculture, how can this be described...(in Dutch)
Zwolle, NL, 18-19.01.2011.

Lecture: What is biodynamic food quality and how can this be measured?
Groenhorstcollege, Warmonderhof education, biodynamic agriculture
Dronten, NL, 11.15.2010.

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