Visual evaluation

By means of a human visual evaluation, it is possible to assess the quality of the product in question. The general characteristics of a crystallisation image are described with validated criteria developed specifically for this purpose. Interpretation of the product quality on the other hand takes place at the level of pattern/process recognition, including the recognition of the plant-processes growth and ripening.

According to the applied quality concept (download pdf LBI 2.5Mb) an optimal product quality is the result of a harmonious plant development. In the plant development, two fundamental life processes can be distinguished, growth (mass formation) and ripening (flower and seed formation, flavour and scent). In this, harmony refers to a balance between these two life processes by mutual influence. The prevailing view on product quality is based on compound analysis; many (alleged) health-promoting and few health-adverse compounds. Wholeness and resilience are however not reflected, or incompletely in the compounds, but in the organization of the product. This organization is expressed in the crystallisation image.

Based on the crystallisation fingerprint analysis, growers are able to learn to recognize these processes in their crops and take practical measures to correct the balance between them, consequently optimizing the quality of their products.


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